Internet Safety and Common Sense Rules

1.  I will not share personal information about myself or others.
2.  I will tell a trusted adult if anything makes me feel uncomfortable.
3.  I will not send my picture to anyone I meet online without my parents
4.  I will not arrange to meet in person any person I meet online without
    my parents permission.
5.  I will communicate with my parents what I do online.  I understand
    that communicating does not mean I am giving up privacy, but that I
    am helping my parents keep me safe.
Netiquette:  How to be polite in the Cyber World

1.  Think before you post a message.  You do not want to embarass someone
    or hurt their feelings.
2.  Do not spread rumors.
3.  Do not use offensive language.
4.  Remember, online messages do not communicate facial expressions and
    can be misunderstood. 
5.  Emoticons like  :-)  or  :-(  can show emotions.
6.  Respect others privacy.
Online Bullying:  Mind Your Manners!

1.   Everyone should use responsible behavior while on the internet.
2.  You should not say or post anything on the internet that you would not
    say in person.
3.  Never hack into someone else's computer.
4.  Never send mail from someone else's account.
5.  Never read someone else's mail.
6.  Do NOT forward hurtful emails or instant messages.
7.  Live by the Golden Rule online.