Jim Crow
Assignment 1 - Reconstruction Overview

Reconstruction is the name given to the time period after the Civil War from 1865 to 1877.  Reconstruction means to rebuild something after it has been destroyed. That is basically what was going on in the South and with our country. During the Civil War much of the South had been badly damaged. Many of the roads, bridges, train tracks and even homes had been destroyed during the war. More importantly our country was under reconstruction as well. The Civil War had split our country in two, now after four long years of fighting it was time to bring our country and its citizens back together.

The question was how exactly do you put a country back together. Many people in the North wanted
to punish the South and many people in the South wanted to keep fighting and did not want to become part of the United States again. President Abraham Lincoln had a plan for reconstruction that called for reconciliation with the South. Lincoln believed that preserving the union was much more important than punishing the South. Unfortunately President Lincoln would not live to lead our country through the
difficult process of reconstruction. After Lincoln’s assassination the lawmakers in Washington DC decided on the policies and conditions that would rebuild the country. Unfortunately, many of these policies were harsh and created some problems in the South.

Reconstruction attempted to give meaning to the freedom that former enslaved African Americans had achieved. One way this was accomplished was allowing freed slaves the vote and the ability to hold public office. At the same time, Southern Military leaders, like General Robert E. Lee were not allowed to do either. The establishment of The Freedman’s Bureau was also designed to help the freed slaves.
Read the overview below then watch the powerpoint.  Answer the questions on your paper.  You may use both the reading and the powerpoint to help you with them.
Assignment 2 - Vocab
To complete assignment 2 you will need to get 2 vocab sheets from the table.  Complete the sheets with the following words;  reconciliation, reconstruction. 
Assignment 3 - People
Assignment 3 is about three of the important people from the time of Reconstruction.  You will click on the links below and read about each of the people.  Once you have read about them you will compose a good paragraph about each of the men.  You may use the readings and your study quide to complete the paragraphs.  Each paragraph should be a minimum of seven sentences.  This is to be written in complete sentences not bullets.  Make sure that you read over your work.  Be sure to include the SOL facts listed in your study guide for each of the men in your paragraph.