1932 was one of the bleakest years of the Great Depression. At least one quarter of American workers were unemployed. After Franklin Roosevelt’s inauguration in 1933 he acted quickly to try and stabilize the American economy and provide jobs. Roosevelt instituted a series of projects and programs that were known as the New Deal. The purpose of these programs was to restore some dignity and prosperity to the many Americans that were suffering. Below are listed some of the major features of the New Deal:

1.Social Security
2.Federal work programs
3.Environmental improvement programs
4.Farm assistance programs
5.Increased rights for labor 

After 8 long years of New Deal programs the Great Depression still dragged on. While Roosevelt’s programs had failed to end the Depression, they did help many people from being completely devastated financially and provided much needed jobs for many Americans. Some New Deal programs are still with us today, for example, Social Security, unemployment insurance and federal agricultural subsidies.