Great Plains
This week we are studying life on the Great Plains.  For this assignment you will work in groups.  Your group will create a guide to life on the Great Plains.  The purpose of your guide is to help people decide if moving to the Great Plains is a good decision.  You will include the following topics:

* Physical features and climate of the Great Plains.
* The Homestead Act.
* The inventions & adaptations that are listed in your study guide.

Remember, this is not an advertisment to get people to move.  You are providing a tool that will help in making the decision.  You need to make sure to show the pros and cons.  Besides your tablet, you may use your study guide, your booklet, and the American Journey textbook as sources.  Be sure to cite your sources.
Physical Features
The Homestead Act
For this section you will need to include a description of the Great Plains.  Think about the following as you develop this section; What was the climate like?    What are some of the challenges that the climate may present to a settler?  How might the settler deal with the challenges?  What are some positive things about the climate? 
For this section you will need to explain what the Homestead Act was.  Some questions to think about are; When did the Homestead Act start?  Why did it start?  What were the requirements?  Was there anyone who was excluded from the Homestead Act?  If so, why do you think they were excluded?  What was the purpose of the Homestead Act?
Inventions & Adaptations
For this section you will need to explain the new inventions & adaptations that have made life more livable on the Great Plains.  You need to make sure that you don't simply list the inventions & adaptations.  Instead explain why they were needed?  How did they help make life easier?  How would you use them?  Are there drawbacks to any of the inventions & adaptations?  If so, what are they?
*You will be producing a hard copy booklet. 

*Use your tablet for instructions and sources.

*Remember you have only one full block and one half block to work on your     project; do not waste time! 

*You need to provide a picture of the inventions & adaptations; other pictures are optional. 


*The supplies you need are on the table.

*A copy of the rubric is on the table.
Product & Rubric